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Duality™  Bonder & Accelerator

Duality™ Bonder & Accelerator


At Whipped Studios - Lash Bar, we believe in putting revenue back into the pockets of lash artist, so we created something that keeps room on your table, money in your pocket and FANTASTIC retention for your clients!


Duality™ is an all-around supporting and bonding liquid. It takes two worlds and combines them in one 15ml bottle.


Typically, lash artist will use an accelerator when humidity is an issue. An accelerator is to help dry adhesive faster, whereas a bonder is to cure the glue quicker when finishing a set.  With Duality™ you NO longer need two products, just this one!  You can use Duality™ on the lash tray to dry glue faster AND to bond when completing your lash set, all for the price of a bonder! Duality™ will lock and seal your lash set for amazing retention while decreasing adhesive fumes which can irritate the eyes. Duality™ was created to adjust the velocity of any adhesive.



  • This product dries and can work with any lash adhesive, no matter the humidity or the original curing time of the adhesive. (Cure time depends on the amount of adhesive used).



  • Lash artists can see up to 30% more retention with Duality™.
  • This is your policy of amazing retention.  
  • Duality™ is a sealant to be used at the end of the lashing application.

    Let extensions dry at least 2 minutes after final application.

    Apply ONLY 1 drop of Duality™ on a  micro brush. Lightly paint lash extension sealant on the base of the lash extensions only.  You do not need to soak the extensions with bonder.  Remember, a little can go a long way, re-coat your micro brush for other eye.

    When using as an accelerator, using a micro brush, apply one drop of Duality™ on a micro brush and glide the micro brush along the base of the lashes while on the lash strip. You can do this as many times as needed when you are finding the curing time has slowed down.  Works for any type of adhesive, so you don't have to worry about buying glues in different humidity ranges.


    We package dropper pipe separately so that your product gets to you without and leakage!  Bottles are sealed at the top. Dropper pipe included separately in packaging.  You must insert dropper pipe in dropper.

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