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OMG! Your extensions are falling out! First thing that comes to mind is your artist didn’t install them properly, they’re just falling out and damaging your natural lashes in the process. Well wouldn’t you know, it’s a topic that’s constantly debated and talked about from extension wearers around the world.

Some people associate lash shedding once a year however shedding is more seasonal than not. Both Spring and Fall is where you find the most shed. Let’s think about it like this. Eyelash life cycles can be anywhere between 60-90 days. Meaning from start to finish, they naturally grow and fall out all on their own in between that time.

Lets do the math. If your natural lash life cycles end towards Spring, then most likely it will hit again during Fall and on top of that, the natural shedding that’s involved. This can mean you’re seeing much more loss than you would during any other season of the year. We forget we have seasonal coats, so our bodies prepare them for the winter and summer seasons. We lose and grow less in Spring to prepare for Summer and we lose and grow more in Fall to prepare for winter elements.

Now, there’s no exact science as every person is a bit different. There are so many factors that go into shedding like age, medication, medical problems, genetics, and other factors so typically no one can just narrow it to a specific time each year. Just know it’s something that happens, it’s natural and their no need to concern yourself. If you do, speak to your licensed lash artist and they’ll walk you through the conversation.

Have you been losing your extensions more than usual this Fall season? Tell us about it.

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