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Become a Whipped Studios - Lash Bar Affiliate

Join a team of National Eyelash Artist, while maintaining your own brand identity or carry the Brand name of Whipped Studios.

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Become Apart of Whipped Studios

Potential clients are unclear where to go, whom to see, and where they can find a lash artist.  They search Google and Bing every day to find things they need.  Did you know the typical search phrase is "Lash extensions near me?" Asked yourself...


  • Wouldn't it be great, to have an appointment booked while I'm lashing, on vacation, or just not watching my books?

  • Wouldn't it be fantastic to work with a nationally recognized Eyelash Extension Beauty Bar that caters to its affiliate artist?

  • I've missed potential money because I can't answer questions from potential new clients when I'm lashing.  Wouldn't it be great to have a professional do it for me?

  • Wouldn't it be great to be listed and my work spotlighted on national social media platforms that can offer me bigger audiences and potential followers?

  • Do I want support from an experience lash trainer and staff who can help me navigate through my business, learn new techniques, and expand my own brand?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if my clients could book their appointments on an easy-to-use platform where they earn points for discounted services and free products?

If you answered "Yes" to only one of these questions, it's time to join a winning Eyelash Extension Artist Team, here at Whipped Studios - Lash Bar.  You get this all PLUS so much-needed support in this ever-growing industry.  Get in the BBLS Program NOW! Join our winning team.

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This is a full live online training class where you interact with your trainer as you would in person. You will learn theory and lash application. This is 100% hands-on training done interactively from the comforts of your own home.


This two-part series requires you to work on a live model to receive your certification.



Check out the below analytics from Google. The below is based on only one local cities site traffic.  Imagine your business getting hits like this weekly!

497 clients asked for directions to one of our studios in a week!

Just want to be added to our

National Directory of Lash Artist?

Whipped Studios is a national brand.  Do you want to simply be added to our directory?  You can do it for only $34.95 per month.


We advertise nationally, so when a potential client is looking at our site and looking for an artist, they find you.  One client from our directory pays for your monthly service fee plus puts money in your pocket!

See the traffic stats below.

WE'RE CONFIDENT that you'll get seen.
We'll give you a prorated refund within 7 days of your subscription if we can't show traffic to your studio, we'll prorate your refund when you cancel!

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All members receive

10% OFF*

Available Classes
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