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Clear your potential clients' visual, so they can see you.

Add your salon to our directory and get listed all over the country!  Here how it works...
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Potential clients are unclear where to go, who to see, and where they can find a lash artist.  They search Google and Bing every day to find things they need.  Did you know the typical search phrase is "Lash extensions near me?" Wouldn't it be great, to be listed on a return search engine even when you're sleeping?

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When we advertise on Google, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms, these advertisements are pointed to specific geographic and demographics where our affiliates are located.  Giving you FREE advertising!  Also giving you new client appointments.

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Get spotlighted on our stories on social media platforms, giving your brand a wider audience and followers!

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Be a CLEAR vision to your potential client.  By listing in our directory, you are utilizing a recognized national lash brand with a reputation for lash health and education.

Need proof of traffic?

Check out the below analytics from Google. The below is based on local city site traffic.  Imagine your business getting hits like this weekly!

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