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Congratulations!  You've made a decision to join one of the fastest-growing beauty industries on the globe!  

Now your asking yourself, "What do I need?"  Here are a few recommendations to get you started lashing your clients rather at your home business or commercial setting.

Now, what will you need?  If you haven’t already started picking out equipment, here are some suggestions.  You do not have to choose anything we suggest however, we want to ensure you DO NOT spend unnecessarily on things you honestly don’t need right now.  One of the biggest mistakes new lash artist make starting in this business is buying and falling for gimmicks.  We’d like you to have the things you need to earn an income, everything else is a distraction.  Splurge on the extra, when you’re breaking the bank. 😉

Let's start with a must-have for every entrepreneur.  As featured in Forbes 30 under 30, Inc., and so many other media outlets, Popl puts networking in one tap! Use a keychain, Popl sticker, or wrist band to send your valuable contact information or your link tree to anyone with a phone without the use of additional software.  It's networking on steroids!




It’s the one that we use here and holds weight up to 450lbs.  This bed is extremely sturdy and comes with a 4inch foam built-in.  This table is also portable.  We also love its 3 way foldable.

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