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Lash Lift

The Natural Boost You Want

You’ll be stunned by the transformation in your appearance. Simply curling and perhaps darkening your eyelashes is all that is needed to make your entire face look brighter and more awake. No more being asked all the time if you’re tired.

Plus, you’re curled eyelashes will invite others to look you straight in the eyes so that they can really see the sparkle there. People will be drawn in, and they’ll want to get to know you.

How long do they last?

The results typically last anywhere from six to eight weeks, some can go 12. You’ll begin to see your eyelashes relaxing back to their natural, straight state at this point. Most people enjoy the eyelash treatment so much that they immediately schedule a follow up to undergo the process again.  Keep in mind, just like eyelash extension shedding, your natural lashes will shed and new lashes will need a new full treatment.

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